City of God I – Prison Empire Cheats For PC

City of God I – Prison Empire Cheats For PC

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Prison Empire Tycoon Cheat and Tricks – Offline Managers / Deputy Warden, No MOD, No Root APK

TIPS & TRICKS! Everything You Have To Know in Prison Empire Tycoon Hack / Cheat – Unlimited money / MOney hack/tricks. no mod apk, no root

Prison Empire Cheat List
Unlimited Money :
Reformed Prisoner :

Free Ad Shredder :

Free Accountant Manager:
Free Finance Expert Manager :

Offline Time Managers
Free Deputy Warden :
Free Correctional Officer :
Free Deputy Director :
Free Warden :

Hot Chef :

applicable only on version lower than 2.2.0


BUILD n’ MANAGE YOUR OWN PRISON! – City Of God Prison Empire Gameplay

Check out City Of God Prison Empire. Work as the warden to unlock different projects. Time your selling at the right time at the market. Make more money to expand your prison empire and use money to influence politicians and gangs in the city.

BUILD n’ RUN YOUR OWN PRISON! – Let’s Play City Of God Prison Empire Gameplay

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